Foam Cut to Size

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We love cutting foam up for your projects. For boats, campers, sound proofing, safety projects and and for do it yourself projects of all sorts. We can do it!

Foam projects how to:

Boat cushions:

Whether you are in the False Creek marina, or anywhere in the province we can help. Boat cushions have some special problems that need to be dealt with. Because boats are so damp, mould can be quite a serious problem. So with this in mind we think the best way of dealing with restuffing cushions is to wash the new covers with a mould deterrent before putting the new foam into them.

Here is what suggest:

  1. Bring the cushions down to FoamRevolution so we can measure the foam sizes and choose the quality you need.
  2. Bring the covers to be washed at a laundry matt where they have the really big washers. (there is one directly across the street from us) While washing, use a high content of Hydrogen peroxide because it will kill the mould as well as the destroy the organic substances that cause allergies. (please note that the material should be tested to make sure it wont fade) Studies have shown that people with mould sensitivities can be bothered by even mould particles that has been killed off. If you call ahead we can supply you with the hydrogen peroxide in larger quantities.
  3. After the foam has been cut and the covers disinfected, the foam can be safely returned into the covers without issue. 

Couches and sofas

There are more types of cushions for couches, chairs and sofas than you can shake a stick at...  So here is what we suggest:

  1. Bring down the cushions to measure them and to choose foam densities.
  2. Wash the covers at home or at a facility if needed. 
  3. Pick up foam for re-stuffing or have our staff stuff them for you. 



The thing we need for sound proofing foam is room measurements including ceiling height. And a general idea what you are trying to do. Different frequencies and volumes require may require different qualities of foam. We can give you a good idea of the materials options and pricing involved.