One of the confusing things about buying foam is that is all looks alike. And to the newbie it feels alike too. Fortunately there are really only two things you hav

e to know about foam:

The first is that all foams have a greater or lessor density.

The density of the foam tells you if it will stand up to weight placed upon it, such as a sleeping person, a sitting guest, an object you want to protect or a jumping child. The greater the density of the foam, the longer it will last and the more weight it will hold.

Basically you have to ask yourself… am I going to use this everyday?

If yes, then you should consider a higher density of foam. It will do a better job for you.

The second thing to know about foam is that regardless of the density, you can get your foam can be very soft or very hard. Its a matter of comfort and choice.

You should sit or lay on the foam to see what you like.  If we know these two things, we can get you the foam you need.