Some feedback for custom made pain relief

Bernie came in with some really difficult to deal with pain issues occurring while he tried to sleep. We cut some well positioned holes in a double layer topper in order to reduce any contact at all. Here is a note he wrote us...

Hi Chris. 

Some feedback you had requested in respect to the (2) - 2" foam bedding with cut hole I bought earlier this week.

 Long story short, first time in decades where going to sleep is no longer the anticipated nightmare as the result of pressures to the hip/pelvis bones. I installed it over a fancy air-bed for additional cushioning and springiness, and this has worked wonders. For the first 3 days the cut hole totally took all minor pains, after that I could just sleep anywhere on the foam and it was all OK. Seemed the hole allowed some healing of sorts to take place for a few days (to my surprise) and the overall condition of my hip area has improved even walking during the daytime. It's possible some long ago injury of sorts continued to aggravate the area and it never had a chance to heal because I kept sleeping on the sides, the only way I can sleep. So this has gone way beyond merely a solution to uncomfortably bad sleep, but appears to be a remedy for the physical pressure/pain condition as a whole.


So, very happy camper here. The foam has a blend of perfect softness and springiness ... just what the doctor ordered. I'm going to try doing away with the airbed next week and lay the new foam over an existing 9" memory foam mattress which itself is little more than a soft bag of sand which has little spring ... we'll see how that goes.